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Álvaro Fuertes, Premoto3 2021 national champion visits Andreu Barberá, S.L.


Álvaro Fuertes, brilliant winner of ESBK national championship in the category Premoto3, visited Andreu Barberá’s facilities at the beginning of January in order to thank the support given by our company through the sponsorship. Álvaro, who arrived with his motorbike 250 cc BeOn , his companion on the road, delivered a personalised gift to the Andreu familiy who received him with pride.

After the first season of adaptation in 2020, where the FuertesTeam#16 got the 4th place, the racing team aimed to improve results and it could not have gone better. From the first race Álvaro achieved victory in 3 runs, he was twice on second place, four time on the third and three time on the fourth which allowed him to get 254 points and be eventually on the podium.

This year the panorama will radically change, Álvaro will take part in the Fim Junior championship in the category of Hawkers European Talent Cup (HETC) where he will use a new motorbike, Honda NSF 250. Álvaro is aware that he must go step by step focusing on continuous improvement in order to participate in the future in the World Championship.

Andreu Barberá wants to congratulate all the team members for their results and promises supporting them, as far as possible, in the future in order to achieve greater success. We are proud of being part of this project and of supporting the Fuertes Team who shows great talent, spirit of improvement and tenacity

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