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Our Company

Opening a future for metallic doors since 1972

History of our Company

Andreu Barberá nace en 1972 cuando D. Vicente Andreu Bort funda una pequeña carpintería metálica dedicada a los cerramientos. Ese mismo año, diseña y patenta un nuevo modelo de puerta metálica, nuestra puerta ENSAMBLADA. Se trata de la primera puerta de acero fabricada en España sin puntos de soldadura. Esta puerta se usaría principalmente como puerta de interior o puerta de trastero. Este modelo de puerta se sigue fabricando en nuestra fábrica de puertas multiuso, ubicada en la C/ Ciudad de Sevilla, 20.

A raíz del incendio del hotel Corona de Aragón en 1979, surgió la necesidad de fabricar puertas cortafuegos. De ahí que en 1982 Andreu ensayase con éxito su 1ª puerta RF. Con lo que poco a poco fuimos desarrollando un producto más técnico y especializado: la puerta corta-fuegos. Las puertas corta-fuegos se fabrican en nuestra fabrica ubicada en la C/ Ciudad de Sevilla, 14

A few years later, in the early 90s, we launched our line of security doors: the residential family. These are exterior doors, which are used as the main entrance to a house or flat. Aesthetics and security are its main characteristics. Our security doors are manufactured in our factory located in Ciudad de Sevilla, 14.

We have the most technologically advanced production systems and qualified personnel, which allow us to respond to an increasingly demanding and complex market. We are experts in bringing new ideas to our customers' projects and in giving each new model added value, a guarantee of quality.

Therefore, in order to assure our customers of the quality of our products and design, production and marketing processes, we have implemented and certified by AENOR the quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

At Andreu we work to open new doors to the future.

Policy on Quality and Environment

Andreu Barberá, in its door manufacturing and business activity, values Quality and Environment management as a key element for:

Customer satisfaction with products and services

Commitment of the whole company with continuous improvement and pollution prevention, aiming to set targets for quality and environment.

The Management team is committed to provide with necessary resources for ensuring compliance of legal regulations and standards, good practice guidelines for prevention and safety at work, ISO 9001 standards, and for the requirements of customers and Andreu Management System, and other requirements voluntarily observed.

Andreu Barberá, in line with this aim, framework and strategic planning, through Quality and Environmental care, seeks the implementation of an organised and effective working system, to follow up goals and objectives. The Company pursues its growth in other markets and its own betterment, and keeping the company’s image and trademark at the highest level.


Provide solutions with high quality standards and tailored to our customers.

Andreu Barberá commits itself to make every effort to control and reduce waste, atmospheric emissions, wastewater discharge, noise level, and consumption of natural resources.


All of our Fire doors have been approved by accredited laboratories and authorized by the competent authority to ensure that our doors meet all the requirements established in the regulations in force in each country.

To identify the homologation, all Fire Doors have an identification plate indicating, among other characteristics, their fire resistance and the test number.

Technological innovation

Because technological innovation is a priority at Andreu and because we understand that no two projects have the same needs. In this way, we want to offer our customers a commitment to research, development and the continuous innovation of our products, as well as the technological evolution of our processes and installations, which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs.

In addition, to speed up the new designs that Andreu is developing, we have our own test furnace, similar to that of accredited laboratories, where fire resistance tests are carried out.

Our facilities

At Andreu we have more than 50,000 m2 of facilities where more than 250 people work. All of them are located in the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate in Paterna (Valencia-Spain).


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