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Sub-frames and Residential Trims

Sub-frames and Residential Trims


Residential Subframe

Optionally, the installation of a residential door can be done using an steel subframe. Frames and subframes have anchors, four of each side of the subframe and three in every side of the frame.

Residential Architraves

Element of Residential family that is fitted vertically or horizontallly between the frame and the subframe.

Flat Residential Trim

Esta versión se pega con polímero sobre la puerta cuando no queda espacio para usar el tapajuntas en forma de «T»

Subframe COV-XX

U shaped sheet on which the wall is built. The residential frame is screwed directly onto the subframe.

It is manufactured to the measure of the thickness of the wall.

A trim is used to hide the subframe.


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