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Security Improviments



To achieve greater mechanical resistance and smooth operation in the Turia range, you can opt for an overbox that gives the set a thickness of 75mm.

5-point security lock

Security mortice lock located in the leaf with five closing points.

Anticrow bolt

Anticrow bolts install in edge of leaf. Close the door the anticrow bolt will be concealed to the frame. In case to removes the hinges, the leaf cannot be removed from its place according to have the anticrow bolts. Steel anticrow bolts fundamental element of safety.

Concealed Hinge

It fits the entire range of fire doors with CS5 and CS65 frames. It is located within the frame and it is completely invisible with the door closed, giving the set a plus of security.

Additional Hinge

The possibility of adding an additional hinge to the door, supposes an improvement in the protection against the manipulation of the setand its security.

This additional hinge has the same finish and measurementsas the original ones.


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