vertical 300 CMYK 1536x1158 1

Increased tightness


Concealed threshold

Installed inside the leaf at the bottom. It provides a hermetic closure of the leaf.

Surface-mounted Threshold

Installed on the bottom of the leaf. Provides a hermetic closure of the leaf.

Lower Bar Volta type

In certain locations, the closed frame can be considered an obstacle in the passage, for this reason the Volta-type lower bar has been developed, which has a lower width and allows a closed frame with a smaller obstacle.

Closed Frame

The Andreu closed frame is installed to improve the insulation of the door, achieving a complete perimeter seal, which can be improved by including a rubber seal to the set.


The bolts are placed at the height and width sides of the frame and allow a better acoustic seal and a more hermetic closing of the leaf. Depending on the door model, different bolts are used: 1. For Turia and Sigma door: 8x15. 2. For Office and Sigma Inox: 3x13 3. For Ensamblada, Stam and E-Quo: 1.5x13 4. For Residential: 5x13


Soy un estupido de mierda y atiendo boludos