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TESA Cylinder models

TESA Cylinder models


TX80 high security Cylinder

High security cylinder. It counts with a patent that givesit additional security, and more security against key copies. High-end choice for residential and projects where a speciallevel of security and protection of the key is needed.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TX80

High security cylinder TK100

10 piston high security cylinder. Ideal solution for high-end residences and large projects, where great security is required.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TK100

TK6 high security cylinder

High security cylinder with toothed key. Medium-high protection for residences and projects that need an extra security. Brass and nickel finishes.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TK6

Security cylinder T80

Reversible keyed cylinder, suitable for common accesses and residential doors. Available finishes are brass and nickel. Sold with 5 keys.

Ficha Técnica cilindro T80

Security cylinder T70

Security is further increased with the manufacturer´s control by preventing the reproduction of the key, controlled by the manufacturer through a proprietary card. Nickel and brass finish.

Ficha Técnica cilindro T70

Security Cylinder TD60

Cylinder that covers the mid-range of Tesa cylinders. Provides security and ability to combine.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TD60

Security cylinder T60

Cylinder that covers basic security needs for common entrances and domiciles.

Brass and nickel finish.

Ficha Técnica cilindro T60

Standard cylinder TD5

Economical cylinder, ideal for master installations such as meterdoors for water and gas panels, garages, etc.

Brass and nickel finish.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TD5

Standard cylinder TE5

Economic solution, highly reliable, robust to use and suitable for common accesses. Brass and nickel finish.

Ficha Técnica cilindro TE5


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