vertical 300 CMYK 1536x1158 1


Five point embedded lock

Security mortice lock located in the leaf with five closing points.

Three point embedded lock

  • Security lock embedded in the leaf with three-point closure for Residential family. The high and low point are activated by means of M8 metric threaded rods.

Lock 2030 1 point closure

Embedded lock CF50 1 point closure

One point embedded lock CF50 for Fire rated doors.

Lock 4010 1 point closure

Embossed lock 1 point for multi-purpose model door Ensamblada.

Panic embedded lock CF60 1 point closure

Fire embossed mortic lock CF60. Standard lock ANDREU for panic device.

Lock ECO 1 point closure: GBS-93

Lock ECO 1 point closure: GBS-92

Lock CISA Mito Panic 1P


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